December 2017



The Blind Pig presents The Gremlins Christmas Holiday Special supporting one of our own through The Shepherd's Circle Foundation.

Supporting Seth Walters & Family through The Blind Pig Supper Club and The Shepherd's Circle Foundation

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The Shepherd’s Circle is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit foundation devoted to providing financial assistance to individuals in the food and beverage industry who are facing major medical hardships.  Funds may be used for necessary living expenses, travel expenses to doctor appointments and health care, rehabilitation, funeral expenses and relaunching back into the profession.

On Friday September 22, 2017, Seth was found on the deck suffering from seizures brought on by a diabetic coma. He had been out there for approximately eight hours, and it is unknown how long he was seizing. While he was there, Seth aspirated vomit as well. Paramedics rushed him, still unconscious, to the emergency room, where he was soon admitted into the ICU. 

He and and wife Carley have four children—the last of whom, Jack, was born just a few weeks ago. Seth has been chef de cuisine at the popular East Asheville eatery Copper Crown for the last two years; before this he worked at Zambra, Seven Sows, Rezaz, and other fine restaurants. Seth will not, however, be able to work for an undetermined time. Not only does he have a family to support, but his medical bills are growing steadily. While he has health insurance, this will not cover the 24/7 care he will require for an indefinite period upon release from the hospital.


Where: Asheville

When: 5PM, Saturday, December 9th, 2017

Tickets: $65 General Admission


Join us for passed appetizers as well as six amazing courses of a very special holiday feast inspired by the 1984 Fantasy classic 'The Gremlins' directed by Joe Dante. Featured chefs include Todd Woods of The Oak Table Columbia, SC (, Nick Hane of Cucina 24 Asheville (, Eli Harris of Ambrosia Bar + Bistro (, Ryan Kline of Zambra Asheville (, Dan Silo formerly of Buxton Hall Barbecue ( and Steve Goff of Brinehaus Meat + Provisions.