The Blind Pig is also a fundraising organization and community building catalyst, established by an expansive network of passionate chefs and volunteers.

We are a group of food lovers and artisans who weave stories, history, and art into the production of a stellar experience for our guests in which proceeds are collected and given back to the community. Each one of our unique events are also opportunities of awareness, as well as fundraisers for very important non-profit organizations that we support and believe in. 

Since 2011, The Blind Pig has produced over 150 unique supper concepts that have brought together thousands of individuals to our tables. We have been effective in networking and building lasting relationships through what we do as, well as financially donating to the diverse list of organizations below.

We are proud of what we do with the ever reaching support of our members and guests. It is because of you that we succeed in this mission. Thank you.


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